Leviton UPB PIM

I’m trying to use a Leviton UPB PIM with openHAB 2 using the upb binding. Is this PIM supported? Has anyone got it working? It appears that the binding is only receiving garbage over the serial interface:

2018-09-07 00:10:21.760 [DEBUG] [enhab.binding.upb.internal.UPBReader] - Received: [45]
2018-09-07 00:10:21.762 [DEBUG] [enhab.binding.upb.internal.UPBReader] - Received: [45]
2018-09-07 00:10:21.763 [DEBUG] [enhab.binding.upb.internal.UPBReader] - Received: [70]
2018-09-07 00:10:21.766 [DEBUG] [enhab.binding.upb.internal.UPBReader] - Received: [13]
2018-09-07 00:10:21.767 [DEBUG] [enhab.binding.upb.internal.UPBReader] - UPB Message: --F
2018-09-07 00:10:21.768 [ERROR] [nhab.binding.upb.internal.UPBMessage] - Attempted to parse invalid message: --F

The PIM itself works well, I can configure and control it with the Upstart config software.

Ok it turns out the PIM was in “pulse mode” which caused the unexpected data. I was able to set it to “message mode” using UPStart. Let’s see if it helps…

Handy note for users who may not have easy access to a Windows PC running UPStart:

I have tested the hard-reset procedure below with a SimplyAutomated RS232 PIM & found that the reset defaults to MESSAGE mode. According to its user manual the Leviton unit also defaults to MESSAGE mode.

The paperclip hard-reset procedure:

Leviton™ & SimplyAutomated™ RS232 PIM module reset procedure

From the SimplyAutomated user manual but applies to both these units:
Leviton™ 36A00-1
SimplyAutomated™ UMC-DB9

The interface has two operating modes: MESSAGE mode and
PULSE mode. The last-used operational mode is retained during
power interruption. UPStart software automatically sets the
interface to PULSE mode operation, but most controllers require
MESSAGE mode. To restore MESSAGE mode operation, or to
reset the unit to factory default settings (i.e. re-flash the firmware
to resolve a ‘connection issue’ with UPStart) …

  1. Place the PIM unit in SETUP mode by pressing the Program
    Switch (located just above the indicator) five times rapidly
    using a non-metallic toothpick. The indicator will
    continuously blink RED.

  2. Reset to MESSAGE mode by pressing the Program Switch
    ten times. The indicator will continuously blink GREEN.

  3. Press the Program Switch twice to exit SETUP mode.

CAUTION: Do not insert metal objects into the
module, especially into the Program Switch, while it is powered.

My note: OpenHAB definitely requires MESSAGE mode, not PULSE mode.

Quick note, that Leviton link is dead. Looks like Leviton may be discontinuing it:

“This item has been discontinued and is unavailable for purchase. Contact an Anixter representative for possible alternatives.”