Leviton VRCZ4 4-Zone Controller functionality - is it not fully implemented?

My home makes extensive use of the VRCZ4 zone controllers. I’ve been using them with an older version of HomeSeer (HS2) for several years and am now upgrading to openHAB. Moving to openHAB I don’t seem to be getting the full capabilities of these devices. Based on my experience with HS2, I should be able to define a scene for each of the 4 buttons. Each button should be able to control multiple devices, turning them on, off, or dimming them, in any combination. Each button LED works independently. And each button should be reporting a press back to the Z-Wave controller, so openHAB can take action on a button press.

In the Z-Wave binding (I’m running a new install of openHAB) I only have one scene thing, and it is 255 if any button is pressed on the left side, and 0 if any button is pressed on the right side. On any left-side button press, all 4 LEDs turn on; and they all turn off on any right-side button press. And, I can assign other Z-Wave devices to each button, but I can only turn them on with a left button press, and off with a right button press.

I can provide more specifics if you like. I’ve added several of these to my network, and they all have the same configuration parameters.

If the full functionality of this device is still in development for this binding I’d be happy to be a test case for you. If there are modification I can make to the .xml, I’m game to give it a shot. I have over 15 of these in my home, and without this functionality there may be a mutiny in the house. :slightly_smiling_face:



Please provide a copy of the XML file created by openHAB in the zwave directory of Userdata.

I see 2 possible entries in our community maintained database but one, entered in 2018, is incomplete. That xml file contains information from your device that we normally use to start the database entry.

A link to the pdf of the manual would be useful too.

network_f3e78c3a__node_6.xml (7.5 KB)

There you go Bruce, cutting and pasting didn’t give me the results I wanted!

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Instruction Sheet VRCZ4.pdf (737.3 KB)

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It is defined in the database but I think I see an error that may be blocking functionality.

EDIT: Their manual does not contain the needed Z-Wave information. I need to do more research to verify our database entry.

In the database all 4 Association Groups are associated to the controller. open-zwave indicates that the controller should not auto-associate to a group. @chris, do I just remove the controller from all groups? This appears to be a Z-Wave ( not plus) device.

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Any more thoughts on this? How can I help?