LG TV get and set Input/3D

What i get

  • i can switch the 3D Menu to show up - but i can not change the 3D source (left/right, top/down) from openHab
  • i can open the input menu - but i can not read what input is active and/or change the input to HDMI1-4 for example

Is this not possible with that binding or do i not get it?

Hi @skycryer. I researched this a lot, reading all the specs by LG, even for other models. Unfortunately there is no API access to those functions. And as the standard by LG does not cover it, there probably never will be access to those, either.

Workaround I: Simulate interactive remote control behaviour (e.g. press INPUT 5 times, press OK)

Workaround II: Use infrared for controlling these functions.

It’s sad but the support is not that well. Small side tip: The standard was made for LGs Remote Control App (I use it on Android). If you cannot find a feature there, you won’t find it in the standard, thus this binding.

If you are super fancy, you could try to control the mouse cursor from openhab. The buttons are always at the same position so you would have a good chance to get everything to work this way.

Keep me up to date, If you try this!