LG WebOS binding, confusing output for channel name

I have a WebOS TV and have connected it to OpenHAB using the WebOS binding. I added a String item for the ‘Channel’ channel, and this seems to work. If I look at the item I see the name of the TV channel, for example “1 - NPO 1”

However, when I look at the item in the list of items. the value is shown as “3_16_1_1_2098_19401_1536”. Worse, this is also the value that is persisted in InfluxDB.

My goal is to basically get some statistics on which channels are watched most in my house so I can get an idea if any of my extra channel subscriptions are worth it, but for that it would be helpful if the data stored was actually usable.

Does anyone have an idea what is going on ? I have simply configured this item as a ‘point’ item, no transformations or anything like that are configured that I know of.

The item state is what WebOS is using to identify and mamage a TV channel. Then there is a mapping to display a more convenient channel mame.

How does this mapping work ? Is there a transformation from this value into the descriptive string or is it a hardcoded table somewhere?

A dynamic mapping (state description options) built dynamically by the binding with data returned by the API.

How can I access this and store the channel names in Influx ?

I do not exactly understand what you did - but in case the right name is shown could it be that you just need to add it to be persisted ?

The manual states:

The command channels reports in the console the list of all channels with their id, number and name.

so you should be able to get a list of id, number and name using that command.