LGWebOS Binding (for LG WebOS TVs)

the WOL functionality is developed under a different feature branch and not merged yet. so this is not included in lolodomos preview.

@swamiller : my PR is for users that did not see a fast update of the power channel when they use the on/off button of their TV remote control.
Were you concerned by this problem?

Yes, I have a symptomatic issue related to this problem. I have a goodnight button rule that (among other stuff) sends a power off command to my harmony hub. Frequently if the TV was recently turned off (before running the goodnight routine), the command would turn the TV back on. I learned if you wait for a few minutes after turning off the TV before running the goodnight routine the TV would stay off as expected…

I always have that issue!

And do you confirm that it is fixed with my fix?

Hey can you take a look at my post. I was using optical out on the tv and having a rule change my denon receiver. I’m no longer able to do this.

I can only test if it is part of the next milestone build…

It did not fix my issue.

Apologies if I have gone about this the wrong way.

Just noticed that within the LGwebOS binding that the channel name seems to have disappeared. Doesn’t seem to be by accident as it has been pulled from the documentation as well. Just wondering what has happened as I was in the process of upgrading my existing OpenHAB instance where the previous version had the capability and I was using it but the new version doesn’t.

Any plans to reinstate this capability?

@Lolodomo can explain. there is an options feature which allows us to combine channel number and name in one channel

Thanks Sebastian. I have been doing just that in a rule already so it might be a better outcome.

I can confirm the issue that the tv is turned on again when the off command is sent a second time after the tv was first turned off.
An issue has to be declared in Github and I will try to fix it.

When you say that it did not fix my issue, you are not talking about your problem that frequently if the TV was recently turned off, the command would turn the TV back on ? Because of course my fix is not about this issue, so there is no reason it could fix it !

I have the feeling I already noticed your issue. Unfortunately, now that I try to reproduce it, I can’t. After a first command that power off the TV, if I send again a OFF command to the power channel, the TV remains OFF.

You are correct @Lolodomo. My issue is the TV comes back on (after an OFF command via my a Harmony hub rule) if I send another OFF command via my Good Night rule.

As I mentioned, if I wait for a few minutes before running the Good Night rule, the TV will stay off.

It finally happens again to me lkast night when I go to bed.
I will add few lines of code to avoid that.

@swamiller : please try with my last test version, our problem should be fixed now.
You can find the jar in this PR (use the last of course):

I installed the latest jar, I’ll test it out tonight and report back.

EDIT: Seems to work, @Lolodomo! I’ll try again tomorrow to be sure, but first shot looks good.
EDIT 2: I’ll call this one fixed. Second night, no issues.

Thank you!

@Lolodomo any chance of sharing a link to the explanation Sebastian mentions?

@swamiller : for your information, the fix for your problem has been merged and so will be available in the next release.

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@wlaw : I published few screenshot in the change to explain it.

The remaining channel is the TV channel number but options are dynamically built for this channel and this allows showing TV channel number and TV channel name in UI.

Keeping a second channel for the TV channel name was useless with this enhancement.

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