LGWebOS Binding (for LG WebOS TVs)

I am also facing this issue with the power channel since OH 2.5 - is this a known bug? If I turn the TV off via remote it takes some minutes till the power channel got updated. With OH 2.4 the power channel was updated instantly.

Hi there,

i use a LG BG570 Bluray Player here.
Is there a possibility to control it with OpenHab ? http or so ?


I don’t think so, unless you tried and it actually works by coincidence

Hi Sebastian,

how does the binding send commands to the LG devices ?
Is it a http string?

This is the software on my Player:

Let me ask the question viceversa:

Are Blu-ray players available with the possibility to control them with ip ?


I can’t tell.

if the device does not run webos it cannot be controlled with this binding.

i also can’t tell you if these players have an api

it is a websocket connection over which json messages are passed in both ways

Hi Sebastian,

thank you for your Informations.
I decided to dont use my LG Player anymore and use a Sony BD Player.
For Sony devices i can use the Sony Binding.

Br Peter

@sprehn Using actions.sendButton is working for me for all buttons but press event “OK” which I trigger in the rule via


in accordance with your example in the lgwebos binding documentation.
No warnings/errors in the log.
Any ideas?


“OK” should be equivalent to a mouse click. Not sure in which cases any app on the TV reacts to it.

My assumption was that sendButton actions referred to the buttons on the LG remote control and trigger the corresponding action, that seems to be wrong in the case of “OK”. Thus I can’t simulate the remote control button “OK” on openHAB UI.
Nevertheless I tested this action rule in several TV apps like TV Guide, TV browser, streaming apps like youtube, but nothing happened.
Did anybody got a reaction on this event?


I invite you all to test the following rule…

assuming that all TVs clear the current application and set it to “” on shut down, this rule should speed up the process of detecting that the TV was turned off:

rule "LG Power Off Improvement"
when Item LG_TV0_Application changed to ""
        logInfo("lgwebos", "application changed to empty - marking tv as off")

if a few of you could give me feedback if this help, I could implement this into the binding, so that a rule is unnecessary.



Yes, this makes it really faster, thanks for that.

According to my tests and logs in most cases this rule worked.
Just two remarks for the implementation:

  1. Before the rule works you have to remove the autoupdate=“false” parameter in the LG_TV0_Power item definition - which you also find in the LG webOS Binding example => would you adapt after the rule is implemented in the binding?
  2. In very few cases I have noticed that for a very short time (~1 sec.) the application item is set to “” when the TV application is changed. Below one example. Therefore I suggest to check the application item status after a few seconds before sending OFF command - e.g. waiting 5 sec (which in my case would be twice as fast as the ON command)
2020-02-03 22:23:34.109 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - LG_TV0_Application changed from lovefilm.de to
2020-02-03 22:23:35.131 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - LG_TV0_Application changed from  to com.webos.app.livetv


Re improve shutdown detection:

Monitoring application channel does not seem to be reliable enough.
@KarlNickel you mentioned it was working well in 2.4

Have just submitted a PR to enable shutdown detection via upnp good bye broadcast as in 2.4. Should speed up the process for those users, who have a network set up for upnp discovery, which just be the majority of users.


have closed the previous PR in order to do some more investigation.

Please help me in testing this new preview version:

  • WakeOnLan integrated, so you do not need wol1 binding anymore
  • Improved Shutdown detection via Upnp (only if your network is ready of upnp discovery)
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Is it possible to set the Picture mode with this binding?
So I can automatically set it to “Game” when I for example switch to input HDMI 2 ?

Thanks!! After uninstalling the LG WebOS binding from PaperUI and copying the snapshot binding in the addons directory the binding is not activated and complains about a missing requirement:

Unresolved requirement: Import-Package: org.eclipse.smarthome.config.discovery.upnp

After issuing:

feature:install openhab-transport-upnp

in the karaf console the binding is activated and after setting the MAC address in the “thing configuration” I managed to successfully switch on the TV without the seperate WOL scheme I had “programmed” in node-red.

Will let you know if I run into any issues, so far it looks ok!

Thx, yes it is normal that you have to install required features manually when deploying bindings via addons folder.

In case your network permits:
Please also check if the discovery works. I removed a specific search for the WebOS second screen. The TV seems to announce it in regular searches.
If Upnp works in your network shutdown should now be detected much quicker and flip the power channel to off.

If TV is on same network and arping is installed (like in openhab docker distributions) the MAC address should even be auto-detected. But it will not work in all cases.