LGWebOSTV - possibly update to TV firware

am a bit of a noob to OpenHAB but I had a cron based trigger working perfectly to open up the youtube app and start a video as per here:

val actions = getActions("lgwebos","lgwebos:WebOSTV:UUID")

a couple of days ago it stopped working - the error i get is from this line…

actions.launchApplication("youtube.leanback.v4", "{\"contentId\":\"" + videoId + "\"}")

when i try to call any method on that object i receive this error in the logs…

2020-05-21 09:58:00.917 [ERROR] [ntime.internal.engine.ExecuteRuleJob] - Error during the execution of rule 'turn_on_youtube': Instance is not an LGWebOSActions class.

this was working fine until two days ago - not sure how to investigate this further but my suspicion is that LG pushed out an update - i cant see any way to verify this…

any help greatly appreciated

Just Figured this one myself, I didn’t got a new firmware any time in the last few weeks, but according to this post LG WebOS Binding Toast it should work with sendCommand.
Also it seems not to work since at least a year ago.

here is my code:

rule "tv toast"
    Item mqtt_topic_e4df1f67_click received update
   if (mqtt_topic_e4df1f67_click.state == 'long'){
       lgwebos_WebOSTV_d0d54265_657f_c0a2_07ae_60a41c48ca3a_toast.sendCommand("Hello World")