LIFX brightness slider not listed with item but it does show under control?

Hi, I am new to OH, coming from Domoticz.

I was trying to setup a brightness slider for my LIFX bulbs in an HABpanel when I noticed I could not select the brightness channel anywhere.

After looking at “Things” in the paperui I see that there is no brightness channel. However, when I look at control in the paperui I can adjust the brightness slider just fine. I have brightness colour and temperature available there. It is also available in the OH Android app (using default sitemap, which shows all “Things”).

Is there anyone who can point me in the right direction as to get the brightness channel/slider available in my HABpanel?

Brightness is a component of the colour channel (hue, saturation, brightness, right?). Just link a Dimmer item to the brightness channel and it will do what you would expect. In fact you can link Color, Dimmer and Switch items to a colour channel (as many as you like all in parallel if you want).

It looks like it is. I created an item (dimmer), and linked it to one of my LIFX bulbs.
I now have an extra dimmer item when I look in the PaperUI. (So I have to sliders there now: brightness and dimmer which do the same thing :slight_smile: )

However: in the HABPanel and the OH Android App I still don’t see the dimmer.
(I can control the brightness when I click on the colour wheel from within the app, but I do not see the dimmer item I created)

I think I might have reached the limits of the PaperUI and need to do some config file editing maybe? (Never done that before for OH).

I don’t use habpanel myself in any big way but if you add a slider widget that references the dimmer item (NOT the color item) it should work.

Yes, but how do I get the dimmer item to show up anywhere else but in the PaperUI? For some reason all my rfxcomm dimmers showed up fine. But none for the LIFX and even the one I made myself (with your help) does not show anywhere else. In the PaperUI it works fine :frowning: