Lifx bulb for OpenHab2 not working

Hi I’m new to this forum and I want to control my lifx via Basic UI. I am using OpenHab2 with this version":"
I can control my lifx color bulb using the paper ui which was automatically detected by paper ui.
But when i create a code for the basic UI it doesn’t work at all. The bulb cannot be controlled by the switch. this is my full configuration. Can someone guide me the right configuration please. Thanks

Switch Living_Toggle { channel=“lifx:colorlight:living:color” }
Dimmer Living_Dimmer { channel=“lifx:colorlight:living:color” }
Color Living_Color { channel=“lifx:colorlight:living:color” }
Dimmer Living_Temperature { channel=“lifx:colorlight:living:temperature” }

sitemap default label=“Chris Sitemap”
Frame label=“Living” {
Switch item=Living_Toggle
Slider item=Living_Dimmer
Colorpicker item=Living_Color
Slider item=Living_Temperature

Thing lifx:colorlight:living [ deviceId=“D073D50132D7”, fadetime=200 ] {
Type color : color [ powerOnBrightness=75 ]