Lifx new type

Hey Wouter,
1st off, thank you for the binding!! Works well with all my current lamps (more then 20 downlights and a handful of the IR type)
Are you still looking after the lifx binding?
I just got some lifx clean lights. The binding docs don’t say it’s supported but I guess that’s due to them only just coming out.
Currently they are detected as a whitelight
They are a colourlight with a switch and timer for the clean part being the only part added for it.
Happy to test beta binding for you if that helps


Hello Nick!

Yes I still maintain the binding because I also have lots of LIFX lights. :slight_smile:

I don’t own a LIFX Clean light myself (or know anyone that owns it), so that’s why I haven’t spent any time on adding support for starting/stopping the clean cycle.

The binding should discover the LIFX Clean in newer openHAB versions if you have a light with Product ID 90 or 99 (see Thing properties in the openHAB UI).

I had a look at the product definition and noticed the color feature was missing.
So I’ve just created a PR to fix that:

I also just ordered a LIFX Clean myself to add it to my collection and play with it and see how it works. :wink:

Probably you just want to start/stop the cleaning cycle and see if it is cleaning?

So adding a new thing type with an additional channel would make sense. Then for instance the default cleaning cycle duration could be added to the channel as a channel configuration parameter.

Not sure where to find product ID. for now yes start and stop the clean cycle. i have been running OH 3.0.2 for some time. (i really hate updating OH on windows!! never works and have to start over)
will update to 3.2 today

woohoo was able to update to 3.2.0.m1 but probs needed to go to snapshot to get the updated lifx binding…

Hey @wborn,
ended up getting openHAB 3.2.0 snapshot Build #2479 installed.
the lifx clean are being found as colorlights now. :slight_smile:
yes with the start/stop cleaning part. i would make a rule that would turn them on when no one is home or somthing simular. being able to change the time would be good but not needed as that can be changed via the lifx app.

That’s good news! My LIFX Clean arrived on friday and I already implemented the new HEV packets and was able to start/stop the clean cycle with those. Now I just need to add a new thing type with additional channel so it can start/stop the clean cycle based on channel commands. :slight_smile:

i feel like im storking your github changes! keep checking to see if you made any changes to the lifx folder. :slight_smile:

Yes, yes. I have a branch that has the changes. Most of the work is done and it also seems to work well.

You can try the changes by using this org.openhab.binding.lifx-3.2.0-SNAPSHOT.jar.
After installing it, you can remove your LIFX Clean things and then rediscover the lights. They will then be discovered as colorhevlight things with an additional hevcycle channel.

I still want to look into the behavior that it also seems to turn the color channel ON when an HEV cycle is active. That might be a bit confusing as the light won’t emit that color but HEV instead. :upside_down_face:

hey @wborn,
im not having the same issue as you are with the color channel.
when changing HEV channel to ON. thats the only thing that changes. color and temp channels dont change.

i have however found a issue.
if HEV is on and color or temp is changed. the light will change to that but the off comand is never triggered for the HEV channel.
only time HEV off is seen is if told to turn off or the clean cycle runs for its set time without interruption

Thanks for giving it a try! Yes I also think it would be better if the binding would automatically switch off the HEV cycle whenever the color channel state is updated via commands.

I updated the binding to also switch off the HEV cycle when commands for other channels are received. You can try those changes with this org.openhab.binding.lifx-3.2.0-SNAPSHOT.jar @nick_woodforth.

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dont know if i changed the binding currectly.
deleted old binding.
restarted openhab.
added new binding.
waited till all device came online agian.(only a few secs)
the switch for hev didnt switch off when other channels recived commands…

Maybe check on the Console if you run the updated version?

It should list one Active LIFX bundle with version

openhab> bundle:list -s | grep lifx
265 │ Active │  80 │    │ org.openhab.binding.lifx

My changes should now also be available in recent 3.2.0-SNAPSHOT builds.

sorry. havent been around for the last 2 weeks. just updated to latest snapshot. looks to be working as expected :slight_smile:
thanks you for the binding :slight_smile:

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