LIFX Tile / Should be type "colormzlight" not "colorlight"


I have used a LIFX Z in the past and I can control the individual zones “LEDS” of the strip as they are a type colormzlight in the binding. But I am now trying to use the LIFX Tile which also has unique zones (64 per tile) but it shows up as a “colorlight” and therefore I can not access the Zones. According to the binding documentation the Tile is listed as “colorlight”.

Is this something that should / could be changed in the binding? Is there any other way to expose this in openhab as of now?


LIFX decided to introduce Tile Messages for the Tile instead of MultiZone messages (used for LIFX Z).
Thus it’s not a colormzlight. See also their LAN Protocol documentation and product features list.

The Tile messages are currently not implemented in the LIFX Binding. So that’s why it is only supported as a colorlight.

I don’t own a Tile myself because it’s not an instant/just-for-fun purchase at $249,99/€259,99. :wink:

Lifx Tile are for 130 Eur today (02/09/2019) on
I order two sets, allegedly they can be combined together. When they arrive I will be happy to add some features to the binding :slight_smile:

My LIFX Tiles arrived yesterday. They are pretty neat! A bit disappointing that you can’t chain two sets of 5 to work as one set. Two separate power supplies are needed. Grouping in the application works fine though and control of all 10 tiles at the same time is possible.
I looked at the binding and it should be pretty easy to extend it with support for individual leds.
I am just wondering how would we use this feature? This will determine the best way to expose the leds over channels.
When I think about how I would use that, I would rather like to set whole patterns or even pictures to the tile set. Then I would like to enable what LIFX calls “firmware effects” - documentation says only two are available: MORPH and FLAME.
I am not sure how I would use the channels for individual LEDs. We could expose 64 such channels per tile. I suppose we should also add channel groups for that purpose.
Any opinions?

Perhaps it’s easier to use Actions instead of channels to update the state of all LEDs in tiles simultanously? When using individual channels for this, it will probably result in a lot of overhead/complexity because each channel update would result in a message.