Light Bulbs: best option to be controlled by openHAB?


I am trying to “automate” my rental place, therefore I am looking for “less invasive” options to implement “basic automation”…

the “easiest one” would be to automate/control lighting… by this I mean install “connected” light bulbs that I can control with openHAB directly (I don’t want a solution like Philips Hue, where I would need ad extra “central unit”)…

I have found few options such as:

anyone can suggest a good/cheap product? (please keep in mind that I am in a rental place, therefore, I dont need a superfancy option :slight_smile:

Thank you

Not sure if your using an echo or google device but these work well with Zigbee2mqtt and a CC2531 USB stick. If you decide to move, just take the bulbs with you and they will work where you need them to. Sengled bulbs are cheap, compared to others, I have several and they have worked well.

The CC2531 w/zigbee2mqtt will work with most anything that’s zigbee but check the extra link below for all the details.

Zigbee USB info:

Scroll down and start with “Getting Started”.:smile:

Thank you for this! This is absolutely an eye-opener for me!

Couple of questions here:

  • the Zigbee2mqtt page does mention Home Assistant and Domoticz… will it work seamlessly with openHAB?
  • in the suggested solution, I would not need to use any proprietary bridge, but the openHAB hub will manage each connection to the lights, right?

does it means that every zigbee device can be connected to openHAB without any additional bridge/device? what are the pros and cons of having or not a bridge in between? (I am looking for a simple solution rather that 2 bridges/hubs…

thank you


I use milight and am very happy with them. Open source hub and it is not wifi for every globe which is important to me.

Noticed an interesting thread here.

this is actually the “other me” :slight_smile: I am seeking guidance which is “platform agnostic” :slight_smile: I hope I am not breaching rules :stuck_out_tongue:

I do the same thing hence why I noticed your post. I like to choose hardware that works on Openhab and Hass even though I would never use anything other than Openhab. Welcome.

The opensource hub for milight is what is use and Openhab has support for it with this binding for easy setup.

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