Light group works intermittently

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I’m on 2.4.0, Rpi 2.

I have my lights assigned to groups, max three layers - e.g.

My problem is that when I turn lights off using gLightsAll at night, sometimes some lights stays on. All lights never turn off immediately. Some do, but some can take a while before they turn off. It’s always the same lights that are slow or not responding - it’s those in the bottom hierarchy - gLightsEastSome that don’t work reliably.

There’s no issue turning them off individually or through the sub group. Always working, always immediate response. I don’t know how to troubleshoot this or if there’s any other way to set this up. It’s a fairly simple setup I guess.

All my lights with issues are Z-wave devices (Fibaro plugs). I never had any issues with this until I installed MQTT and Node-red. I can’t see how this can be related, other than that maybe the Rpi is too slow to drive everything. Any ideas?

Do these lights have good signal strength? You may want to move them closer to your router and test if you get the same results.

Flooding your network with individual requests.

The quickest workaround is to implement a rule that steps through group membership issuing individual commands with a short delay between each.

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I was thinking more about the lights (always the same ones) that do not turn off. Could flooding the network cause the light to not turn off?

In reality, that should make no difference. The binding only sends one command at a time due to limitations with the ZWave protocol anyway.

Thans for the reply.
I don’t believe there’s a problem with range. I can operate all my devices individually or through sub group without issues. I don’t have any communication errors in the log either.

The only problem I have is that the devices in the “lowest” hierarchy groups works intermittently when turning them OFF (I’m not using ON command) using the top hiearchy group.

I have items tied to all group levels.

Sure, I could probably create a more advanced rule walking through all groups or items individually, but it feels like a workaround, not a solution.

I guess you’re stuck with the problem then.

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Much has changed since OH 2.4. Does the issue occur on OH 2.5?

Good question. I’ve missed that 2.5 is released. I’ll try that. Thanks.

If the problem persists, please provide a debug log as per the binding docs.

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