Light icon don‘t change

I’m pretty confused that the icon does not change in real time when i change the switch.But the icon would change after i had refreshed browser.
Group All
Group model0_Weather (All)
Switch Rocker0 (All) {enocean="{id=00:00:00:00, eep=F6:02:01, channel=B}"}

sitemap model0 label=“Main Menu” {
Frame label=“Enocean Devices” {
Switch item=Rocker0 label=“Rocker 0 Channel B”

    Refresh browser      

It does work when I use this:

Thanks !

There is a problem in OH 1 that causes the UI to not always refresh when Items change state. It is caused by the use of a certain library and will not be fixed in OH 1. It is already fixed in OH 2.

thanks rlkoshak.
I would be very grateful if you could tell me where I can download openhab2.
The version I used is distribution-1.8.2-runtime.
The addons is distribution-1.8.2-addons. Are they oh1?

NOTE: openHAB 2 is currently in beta, is not fully implemented, and has many known bugs. I do not recommend moving to it yet unless you are technically skilled at debugging.

OH 1 refers to any version 1.x.x so yes, 1.8.2. is OH 1.

Thanks Rich!