Light voltage control project

can anyone suggest how to control an light bulb and voltage dropping like dimming which module have to use and how to do this project.

please make any suggestions and help to start my project.

Simple answer - just use a dimmer, but i assume that is not the desired answer.

Could you please describe some more details about you setup your log term goals etc.

i want to control by dimming the light using openhab slider option so for that what have to use and how to do the codes.

Well, first off we need to know what hardware you have.

If you’re lucky, someone has already done all the hard work for you, and there is already a way of controlling it from within openHAB.

i have raspberry pi 3 b+ and i have 8 channel relay.

now i want to control the light by dimming it with voltage drop or by any means can u suggest which dimmer module i have to use and can u tell me the process to do.

Hi all, I have the Raspberry Pi 3, Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 Z-Wave Plus gateway, and some GE Z-Wave Plus Wireless Smart Lighting Control Smart Dimmer Switch. And I was able to get them all from Amazon. I also have six Philips Hue bulbs all white and hub. It all works nicely together. The thing that took the longest to install was the Raspberry Pi and Openhab software about 45min. also, the dimmer switches take some time maybe 15min. The Hue bulbs are easy just install the app on your phone and pair the hue hub with your router. Good luck with your setup just ask if you need any help I’m sure someone will chip in with some info to help.

can anyone tell me how to workout on dimmer with raspberry pi.

i have these things

raspberry pi 3 B+
8-channel relay51g9tXU1NEL
1ch dimmer

can anyone suggest me how to control the light with slider option in openhab??

i want to go fundamentally so iam using 1channel relay also if anyone can suggest me how to control dimmer to decrease the brightness of light ??

How are you currently dimming the light without openHAB?

Once you can tell us this, then we might be able to provide some assistance with how to integrate openHAB into your process.

So far, you have been asking us to give you instructions on how to bake a cake, but haven’t told us what ingredients you have, or what type of cake you want at the end of it.

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can we control or can we test the pwm-pulse width modulation to a relay using python code??

can anyone tell me how to do it??

in my case iam using a 5v 1channel relay to test pwm.