Light (z-wave) will turn on manually but doens't turn on via Node red

  • Platform information:
    Raspberry pi B+
    openhabian 2.3.0-1

Hi Guys,
I am new at this forum so hopefully this topic is at the right place.

I am having an issue with actions which will take place via Node red.
I have a fibaro wall plug to turn on and off the light. I have configred the z-wave binding (created by Chris Jackson) and have created the item (switch) in the item file. (Row 107)

This item is also displayed in the openhab app. When I toggle the switch, the light is going on. So this is workfing great. But the issue is now: if i toggel this switch via a rule in node red, the switch went from off to on, but the light is still off.

I am using the “openhab2-out node” to toggel the switch.

I am having exactly the same situation with turning on and off the alarm of my Sonos One.

Does anyone have an idea why this is not working?

Did you set msg.topic to “ItemCommand”? If not, OH assumes it’s just a status update.

That’s it! Thank you very much. I had configured it as ItemUpdate.
Now I have changed it to ItemCommand and it is working like a charm. Thanks!