Lightcontrol via Alexa

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to build my little SmartHome with openhab. Netatmo weather station is already running, data is displayed accordingly on the Openhab.

Now I would like to control my lighting, so far I’ve done that via Alexa (Amazon Echo). Here, the HUE Bridge is already integrated, have no extra bridge for it.

How to turn on the light bulb trough Alexa?

I tried the HUE emulation and Alexa Control binding.

Hope you have a simple tip.
Thank you

Are you using the Amazon Echo Plus, with built in Zigbee?

What lights (type, brand, etc…)are you trying to control and do you have an item created for each light?

Yes, I use the Echo Plus with Zigbee. There is only one light so far to control. It is a phlips hue. I can switch it on with the alexa app or by voice.

But I want to use openhab (habpanel) with a switch.

You have the Echo Plus and Zigbee hub (two devices) or just the Echo Plus (that has a built in zigbee hub)?

If only the Echo Plus, you will need extra hardware for communication with the light and OH.
A hub that will connect to the light and OH or a zigbee2mqtt stick(this is what I use, or something similar).

One device with a built in zigbee hub.
No way to say Alexa to turn on/off the light?

Bad News:/

If you have Alexa Plus and Hue bulb, there should be no issue with controlling the light via Alexa. Just ask Alexa to discover new devices then rename are manage via the Alexa App.