Lightwave RF response times

Guys - I’m running OH 2 with Lightwave RF (and a bunch of other things) - since LWRF is legacy jar file, I am unsure where to make config changes (I installed it ages ago - and have since used karaf, the files manually and paperUI.

Can anyone tell me whether there is a way to speed up response times? I’m not too bothered about reading statues updates (I.e I’d rather not wait for an ‘OK’ if it means I can move quicker) - any ideas?

If you installed it using the OH 1.x Compatibility Layer you will have an openhab.cfg file. All the possible settings will be in there under the lightwave RF section.

If you installed via some other means there will be a lightwaverf.cfg (or something like that) file and all settings will be in there.

The binding readme is here:

D’oh - thanks for that (just realised I’ve read it before)

QQ though - is everyone running at 2 seconds+ delay? Seems a long time to wait for the link to do it’s thing? I have 13 switches downstairs ALONE - so my bedtime routine currently takes 30 odd seconds!

Also, coding a responsive dimmer from an external switch is basically a non starter with such bad response times?

What’s the lowest anyone has this working reliably at? (I am on a first gen link)

Made a few minor changes, let’s see what happens - Thanks

I’ve zero experience with this technology so can be of no further help.