Lightwave WiFi Link Causing Problems once again?

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Hi @neil_renaud,

Happy new year and all that…!

Thanks for all your work on the Lightwave binding once again. I’m very appreciative of your work.

I thought you’d like to know, I’ve been getting errors about the status update from the WiFi Link again. This was happening before the latest firmware update, and continues now.

2016-01-15 21:48:55.078 [ERROR] [l.internal.LightwaveRfWifiLink] - Error converting message: *!{"trans":198,"mac":"xx:xx:xx","time":1452894534,"type":"hub","prod":"wfl","fw":"U2.91Z","uptime":644576,"timeZ":0,"lat":xx.xx,"long":-xx.xx,"duskT":1452874897,"dawnT":1452844799,"tmrs":0,"evns":0,"run":0,"macs":2,"ip":"192.168.xx.xx","devs":0}`

But also, I was in a B&Q the other day, and they had the three dimmer light switch on sale for a ‘clearance price’ of £28 (used to be about £70/80? was it?). So I’m holding off buying any more lightwave stuff for now…


This looks to be due to the upgrade - did you try the version from this thread: Lightwave Binding Broken by latest firmware


Cheers @neil_renaud

Just downloaded that latest alpha.

Thanks again.