LightwaveRF Firmware Update


For some reason i can not longer communicate with my lightwave link this seems to be since it upgraded to firmare version N2.93Q

I have downloaded the latest addon from cloudbees but that has had no effect. I get the following error from the energy monitor.

2016-10-18 21:31:05.751 [ERROR] [l.internal.LightwaveRfWifiLink] - Error converting message: *!{"trans":10674,"mac":"20:0C:CD","time":1476826270,"pkt":"868R","fn":"meterData","prod":"pwrMtr","serial":"39C8FE","type":"energy","cUse":1018,"todUse":15178}

Anyone any ideas?

Thanks in advance


Yep its got me to !

I thought it was just me.
I’ve now discovered that as well as the energy meter its stopped the radiator valves from sending readings to OH. The light switches/sockets seem to be alright.

My Sockets and dimmer sockets are still dimming and behaving as normal but it throws errors up in openhab,
Whenever you send anything lightwavey, seems they have changed something fundamental

So frustrating when its all worked perfect for months.

Anthony ,

Dont think we will be the last ones to be getting this , It seems to apply the new firmware on reboot.
I did log a all with lightwaverf to roll my hub back but they dont want to as its part of a global rollout.
Its not the first time they have done this , happened about this time last year.

Think I’m going to get an owl meter of ebay and read it through my RFXCOM, this will also drive the
lights as it can cope with the lightwaverf protocol.

Lucky for me this happened when it did as I was just about to go and buy 8 radiator valves but

Feckpoo - just ordered a thermostat!!
Are the bugs simply due to a mismatch in API data coming back from the Wifi link? (I assume you’re going via the Wifi link) - if so, a code fix should surely not be too tricky??

Does anyone know what Lightwave RF are about to release? 2 way comms on switches maybe?

Lightwave API has been updated to confirm when a radio message has been sent by the wifi link.

Previously you sent a request and would always get an “OK” back even if the wifi link didn’t actually send the message (it was a right pain!).

Current switches will never send their status back - they have no transmitter in them.