LightwaveRF Gen2 / HomeKit

With the new Lightwave RF Gen2 they are taking their time to release an API. I suspect it’ll be a long old wait.

This got me thinking, is it possible for OpenHab2 to control HomeKit devices. Given that this Gen 2 kit says it is HomeKit compliant. However everything i can find on here talks about publishing openhab2 as a homekit set of devices rather than allowing it to control homekit devices.

Any guidance on if this is possible? How it might be achieved, or another workaround that would let me control LightwaveRF gen 2 devices from openhab?

The new Gen2 API has finally been released by Lightwave RF:

There is also a web-accessible portal which uses the API:

I’ve had a look and it seems to use a JSON approach. I can make the API work by doing basic web calls using curl but my software skills are nowhere near the level of being able to write or edit a binding. I have a fair bit of Lightwave RF kit, both Gen 1 and Gen 2, plus an active OpenHAB installation and I’m happy to evaluate and test. Is anyone interested in collaborating on this?

Would you mind sharing headers and body you have used ? I have keep getting
{“error”:“invalid_request”,“error_description”:“Missing grant type”}

I have refresh token form webconsole.

Take a look here:

For you guys looking to integrate please try this: