LightwaveRF link register failing


I’m playing with openhab for the first time today. I’m getting messages from
openhab that no OK message is received from my wifi link.

I’ve installed the bindings addon version from apt-get and also manually
installed the version:


I’m sure the issue is registering my wifi link. I’ve tried the manual
registration using netcat and my wifi link ignores me.

I’ve reset the wifi link and reset it to clear registrations. still not

Reading a few of the threads it seems I may have an older model:


I’ve tried

echo -ne ‘001,!F*p|’ | nc -w4 -u 9760

My setup is an Ubuntu 14.05 LTS VM running in VMware workstation on top of a
windows 10 box.

I can connect to the openhab web interface with no issue and I can ping the
router and other servers on my network.

any advice would be welcome!