LightwaveRF Mood command?

Hi im totally new to Openhab and coding, ive got control of my LWRF devices but would like to switch on ‘Moods’ which im struggling with.

I think im half way there but dont know where to define the mood ‘number’

This is what I have so far:

Switch LWRF_Pendants “Pendants” { lightwaverf=“room=1,type=MOOD” }

Hi Dan,
Did you get anywhere with switching moods?
I was also messing around with this, I did notice when studying the logs when selecting a mood in the LWRF app:

Error converting message: *!{"trans":682,"mac":"20:46:9C","time":1484327706,"pkt":"433T","fn":"moodRecall","param":1,"room":5,"dev":16}
No item for incoming message[408,!R5FmP1

Interesting that the mood seems to be “device 16” (I have three devices in that room, 1, 2 & 3).

Anyway, I got round it by creating my own moods in my home.rules file.

rule "Cozy Mode"
		Item Bedroom_Cozy_Mode received command ON
		sendCommand(Bedroom_Ceiling, OFF)
		sendCommand(Bedroom_Left_Lamp, 20)
		sendCommand(Bedroom_Right_Lamp, 20)

And then of course just have in the .items file:

Switch Bedroom_Cozy_Mode "Sexy Time" ["Switchable"]