Line ending characters

Hi @Kai, @watou, @steve1, @chris, @theo, @guessed, @hakan, @teichsta, @belovictor group ,

while debugging a completely unrelated issue, I discovered that the sitewhere persistence provider changed the line ending signs on distribution/pom.xml, bundles/persistence/pom.xml and distribution/openhabhome/configurations/openhab_default.cfg:

What do we do with those three files? ? Ideas I would have are:

  • Reformat them now to OH1 standards and re-commit, running the risk that any branches created in the mean time will encounter big diffs as happened to Derek Adams of
  • Run the reformat immediately before releasing 1.8.0, risking potentially breaking changes just before release?
  • Wait for the 1.8.0 release and run the code formatter over the files afterwards?
  • Ignore the problem :smiling_imp:

I would suggest either ignoring the problem, or making a pull request that does nothing but convert the line endings back with no other changes.

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+1 …

I’ll submit a PR …3535

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thanks, @watou