Linear NG00Z-4 Garage Controller I think it's DEAD!

So, I’m wondering if anyone has seen this, but I really think somehow this Linear NG00Z-4 Garage Controller has bit the dust.
I’ve had some strange behavior in OH3 where it wasn’t opening and closing, but all other signs said it was fine and online.
So I broke out the trusty Zensys Tools. I can never get a RX on a basic_get command.
However, if I do almost any other get command I get something back, for example : POWERLEVEL_GET returns a value and so do most other get commands, but if I can’t send successfully for a basic open or close (255/0) then it’s basically toast I guess.
And yes, I’ve excluded directly on the controller with Zensys many times(also factory reset 5 times on button), including/excluding works fine, along with everything else but the most important basic command!
Anyway thought I’d shout out to see if anyone has some clue.

Have you reconnected the Tilt Sensor? I’ve found that if that tilt sensor isn’t connected properly all sorts of weird stuff can happen. I bought a NG00Z-4 off eBay a while back and took me couple of years to finally get it working. After working through my issues, first with getting it securely added to the network, then getting getting the tilt sensor to connect. Finally I replaced the tilt sensor and got something that appears to be a stable opener. If the tilt sensor has an issue the opener will not open/close a door even if the lights flash and it makes a beeping noise (Some sort of Safety Feature).

So I would suggest making sure the tilt sensor is connected properly. In my case I had to leave the NG00Z-4 unplugged for a while (2 hours), and then I followed these instructions. Might be a good idea to replace the battery at this time too if you’ve not yet.

To pair the tilt sensor to the GDO unit:

Before beginning, make sure the tilt sensor is within 10 feet of the GDO unit itself. Make sure the tilt sensor battery is good and the plastic shipping tab has been removed to activate the battery. If moving the tilt sensor by hand, snap the tilt sensor into the mounting bracket to make sure the safety button is pressed in.

  1. Press and hold the pairing button on the GDO unit for approx 8 seconds until the unit itself beeps once
  2. Move the tilt sensor to the ‘open’ position. The GDO unit should beep again when it has received the signal from the tilt sensor, completing the pairing process.
  3. If it does not pair initially, move the tilt sensor to the closed position and wait for the final beep signaling pairing complete.

Before letting the unit sit for 2 hours unplugged I was having problems getting step 2 or 3 to work properly. Only after the removing the power for an extended period of time was I able to get the 3 steps to complete successfully.

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OK, this is nuts, for the last week or so i’ve been messing with all my “things” since converting over from smartthings.
Anyway I’m almost positive I wasn’t running in secure mode, I know others have had major issues running without it, which is why I was thinking cool i don;t have to mess with all that.
But looks like that all changed, anyway I got it working now, had to get in secure mode. Which is why I couldn’t get that basic command to respond, its disabled if not in secure mode, no idea how it worked before. At least its working now.
Only thing I can think of is early on I got lucky and it was included in secure mode properly from a distance.
Who knows … lol

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I securely include devices from a distance all the time. Sometimes 1-2 hops away from the controller (that’s as far as my network goes currently). I finally after some time figured out that my controller (Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5) instructions for including z-wave devices will never result in securely adding any devices to the network in OpenHab. Only starting the inclusion from within OpehHab allows securely added devices. Unfortunately i found it was basically impossible to get devices added securely to the network after using the push button to add devices to the network. But once I nuked everything and started from nothing and only used the inclusion method in OH to add devices, everything has been smooth sailing.

Something that gets overlooked frequently and makes the process feel chunky (sometimes works) is that there is a time limit for secure inclusion, It’s quite short and you need to be prepared to add it, if I remember correctly it’s something like 10 - 15 seconds.

So if your controller has its own method for inclusion I wouldn’t use it. Use the method build into OH all the time, and at least in my case trying a network with both types of inclusion used resulted in headaches and instability. And make the initial inclusion happen fast, within 10 seconds of starting the inclusion process in OH.

For an example, I will load the OH website on my phone and goto the location of the device to add, and from the phone start the searching processes (inclusion) then quickly press the inclusion button on the device. I have done this successfully many times and at this point would feel some what surprised it the process failed.

Now you shouldn’t need to be lucky to get those items added, even at a distance. :slight_smile:

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Based on all I went through, if it was’nt distance, then you’re right, it would totally make sense if secure mode enforces some really short time like that 10-15 seconds. And I wasn’t using the phone to make things so much easier lol.

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