Link dummy item to existing item


i’ve got a question regarding linking of items.
I have some items to control wireless power sockets using the pilight-protocol. Each of this power sockets has its own item called ‘power_socket_1’, ‘power_socket_2’ and so on… Now I want to assign some of these items to dummy items, for example ‘power_socket_1’ is used to control christmas lights, so I want to create a new dummy item called ‘christmas_lights’ and link this to ‘power_socket_1’.
Is this possible?

Thanks for your answer in advance :slight_smile:

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I’m doing something similar.
I have my Items with names correlating to the plugs defined in the items file. For the actual usage on the sitemap I define a switch on the sitemap that is linked to such an item and give this switch a descriptive name (like"ChristmasStar")

Yes, that’s what I’m already doing. But this works only for sitemaps, not for rules. So when I create some rules for an item, I have to modify them, everytime I change the plug. Therefore I would like to have some kind of linking. Is this possible?