Link Somfy windsensor/windalarm to Item


I have a Somfy Wirefree windsensor. This does close my awning automatically and in somfys own app generates a ‘warning’ flag. Is there a way to link this sensor to an Item in openhab?

I thought about creating a rule as an alternative. Problem I can’t get my head around at the moment is the fact that we also control the awning by remote. So if the awning received a command UP (or position changed to 0%) and this command/change was not generated by a rule, I still can’t distinguish between the remote and windsensor…

Maybe someone came around the same issue and sorted it out? That would be fantastic!

Thanks in advance.

What binding are you using?
How do you get the data from the wind sensor to OH?

That would be useful information :wink:
I am using the Somfy Tahoma binding 2.3.0 SNAPSHOT. This does control the awning. But can’t find the configuration to the windsensor (not in the INBOX)

I don’t know that binding but from reading recent posts, I don’t think the wind sensor is integrated in the binding. But I could be wrong. Check other posts.

Another solution you be to get the output of the wind sensor in parallel to an ESP8266 talking mqtt to OH.

I think you’re right, that it isn’t intergrated.

That would indeed be a solution, via mqtt since I have set that up anyway. I was just wondering if and how other people conquered the ‘problem’.