Link switch to light without rule?

Probably a stupid question… is there any way without a rule to link a switch to a light? I realize this is not a complex rule but it feels a bit overkill to worry about changes/updates to link an ON/OFF to another ON/OFF… Wondering if I missed something

A real switch, or an OpenHAB switch?

What is your light?

Look at Profiles

usually you link the switch with a binding ( what kind of lights?) to your hardware. you then define the switch in a items file, with the specific channel properties. just to turn on and off, there is no reason for a rule, but maybe necessary to translate via translation file ( openhab is listening for ON, but your binding fires an on. or you want to work with a timer or other correlations , then you can work with rules.

Many Z-Wave devices have association groups to permit linking devices together without a controller.

So basically I have an actual hue light, and I created a switch in OpenHab for occupancy (based on a PIR).

Today I have a rule like this which does seem a bit redundant…

rule "Garage door light"
    Item Garage_Occupancy changed

@Bruce_Osborne It looks like I could publish my switch to hue using a virtual hub and possibly try to link it inside the hue app. Haven’t explored that option yet.

Sorry, I do not use Hue.

please further explain, what exactly you do. for example, i can’t guess if you talk about a real item (exists as hardware) when you mention :

Item Garage_Occupancy (?)

As @glhopital stated, have a look into the profiles, especially the follow profile.