Link switches and sensors via RaspBee

RPi 3, Openhabian 1.5 with Openhab 2.4.0

After my CC2531 stopped working, I ordered a RaspBee by Dresden Elektronik.
After setting it up, half of it works fine. A Hue bridge is emulated and avery outlet and lights connected to this bridge (via Phoscon app) are discovered by Openhab via the Hue binding.

However, sensors and switches linked to the Hue bridge are not discovered. Some threads pointed to the Deconz binding to add these devices. I created a Deconz bridge which is online and has created an API key. However, the switches are not discovered neither automatically nor on manual adding with the ID obtained via REST API.

Any ideas?

I believe the discovery is not functioning in 2.4. I know it works in 2.5m2.

You can manually code the channels. Not at my computer right now, to give details on that. Try to search here for channels format.

You could also try “thing show” in the console and see if any show up. That command is in the help doc and used to get api key but I wonder would it work to get channel id.

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Thanks for your input. I’ll take a look at manually coding the channels at the weekend but regarding 2.5:
when upgrading via openhabian-config, it states:

openhab2 is already the newest version (2.4.0-1).

There is an option to switch to the testing rep. I believe in the openhab related options if memory serves me correctly.