Linking between sitemaps

My sitemap is +3000 lines and growing, anyone know of a good hack to be able to break things up into different sitemaps and link them so they look correct in browser and ios?

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I’m interested as well… The Android app has a handy sidebar that lists all of your sitemaps but the web UI you have to manually edit the URL to switch between sitemaps (at least that’s all that I’ve found so far). I could write a static HTML page that links to all of the sitemaps but that’d be a little ugly (a web designer I’m not) and annoying to maintain. Plus there wouldn’t be navigation on the sitemap itself.

Simple forum search:

might be of help

Yep, saw that, but when I tested, it did not work in ios app and in chrome it takes up two lines. So it was not a solution for me.