Linking COCO items through OpenHab2


I recently started using OH2, by first trying to setup RFXCom binding and control several ClickOnClickOff switches connected to lights and a roller shutter. I control everything (for now) using Paper UI Control section, and I managed to make the first functional .rules file using simple time/cron-based commands.
I purchased a double COCO manual switch (type AWST-8802), with the intention to control lights both manually, as well as through OH2.
I used Paper UI to discover the two channels (left and right button) for the AWST-8802 through the Inbox, and added both as Things to Paper UI. Next, I need to add Items, when I declare Items of type Switch, I see in the Paper UI Control window that I can switch to the two positions, on and off.

But how should I link the freshly made AWST-8802 manual switch to the light I want to control?
Do I need to make another .rules file? I did several simple attempts, such as below, but neither of them seem to work.

rule “light_on”
// left switch
Item KAKU_AWST_8802_L received command ON
sendCommand(KAKU_AGDR_3500, ON)
rule “ligth_off”
// left switch
Item KAKU_AWST_8802_L received command OFF
sendCommand(KAKU_AGDR_3500, OFF)

Could somebody provide me with an example .rules file how to link a COCO manual switch (=sensor) to a COCO light switch (=actuator)?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



First, please use code fences when posting code in the forum

No, just another rule, it can be in the same file as before but I recommend that you separate the rules files according to function. for example: heating.rules, network.rules, presence.rules, lighting.rules…

Have you tried:

rule “light_on”
    // left switch
    Item KAKU_AWST_8802_L changed
    if (KAKU_AWST_8802_L.state == UNDEF) return; // Do nothing

Thanks, I will try to remember to use code fences next time!
Unfortunately, your suggestion did not give the results I hoped for.
In the case I tested, both Items KAKU_AWST8802_L (=manual RF switch ) and KAKU_AGDR_3500 (=outdoor RF plug connected to a lamp) were of Item type “Switch”. The Thing for the manual switch has its Command linked to item KAKU_AWST8802_L, the Thing for the lamp has its Command linked to item KAKU_AGDR_3500.
User the Paper UI Control panel, the state of the manual switch changes from ON to OFF when I push the manual switch. Also, I can switch on and off the lamp from the Control panel by moving the switch slider left/right.
So when I use your .rules file, pushing the manual switch results in both switch sliders to left/right. But the problem is that the lamp stays off at all time. However, when I move the lamp switch slider left/right in the UI, the lamp does go off/on!
I don’t understand why a use-case as simple as this does not seem to work properly.
I also defined the manual switch as Contact (i.o. Switch), using OPEN/CLOSE (i.o ON/OFF), adapted the .rules file to this, but got no working results either…

So I am open to any other suggestions. The sendCommand seems to work in terms of updating the UI. Or should I use postUpdate to tell the Binding to switch on the lamp as well?

No, post update will do nothing to the binding.

Can you post the items and things please.

Don’t you the control panel. Despite the name it’s not made for that.
Create a sitemap: