Linking Livisi(home automation) to Openhab

I am a new user of Opnhab. I try to connect Livisi to openhab. I run openhab on a rasberry Pi 4. I can see Livisi Smart home controller in Things. When I click on it there are 13 items. How can I open the items?


It looks like you are just getting started. openHAB can seem very complicated at first and unfortunately there is a bit of learning that you need to do up front to understand how OH represents and operates on your devices.

The first place to start is the Concepts section of the docs which is where the concepts of OH are described. Things, Item, Link… these are all technical terms in OH and they have a specific meaning and use in OH.

The second place to look is the Getting Started Tutorial which walks you through examples showing how to add/discover Things, create Items and Links between the Items and a Thing’s Channel and then what you can do with the Items: show them on a UI, create automation rules around them, etc.

At a very high level the flow is:

  1. Create or discover and accept the Things from the Inbox. A Thing typically represents one device
  2. Create Items and link each to the appropriate Channel of the Thing you want integrated into OH
  3. Just about everything else in OH will operate on the Items.

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