Linking Non-Hue bulbs with Phillips Hue

Admittedly I only did a cursory search for this, so sorry if someone already posted this …

After having my Cree bulbs suddenly get deleted from Openhab last night (no idea why and I didn’t investigate) I found that I can link many non-Hue bulbs with the Hue Bridge. I prefer this method because it works with Openhab and also gives me a secondary way to control the lights when Openhab is down (though rarely).

Anyway, for anyone else wanting to link their bulbs through their Hue Bridge, all you need to do is enter the serial number found on the bulb during the Hue add light process. For Hue bulbs you don’t need to enter a serial number. The serial number is the 6 digits following the “E”. All bulbs of one type have the same serial number. For instance, my Cree bulbs are E330248.