Linking one item with two channels

Hi There,

I’ve updated my openhab installation from an old 2.0 Beta to the current 2.4 Stable release.
But with this update, my link to mqtt stops working.

I’ve got this configuration:

Number:Energy  Energy_Consumption_External_Supply      "Fremdbezug [%.0f kWh]"   <powerplant>  (gCounters)  { channel="smartmeter:meter:evs:1-0_1-8-0", mqtt=">[mosquitto:openhab/slave/smart_meter_external_supply/state:state:*:default]" }

With OH Beta 2.0 updating the smartmeter-channel (in fact it was a zwave channel in the old installation) leads to an update on the mqtt channel. But now it seems to happen nothing…

Any suggestions what went wrong? I don’t want to add every item twice and write rules for updating the remote items - that’s annoying.


I believe you are supposed to delete & rediscover your zwave things.
Try that first.

Maybe my question is too confusing. I’ve got the problem now with the smart meter binding.
And I didn’t upgrade, in fact I’ve installed OH from scratch.

You did reinstall MQTT binding v1 as well / instead of MQTT v2 ?

No, I’m on MQTT 2 now. Do I need the legacy binding?

This is an MQTT-1 Item configuration -
mqtt=">[mosquitto: ....
You’ll need ro convert to things & channels for MQTT-2 binding, they are not compatible at all.

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I’ve tried MQTT-2 Configuration (even before moving to the old style) but it didn’t sent anything to mqtt.

Well, MQTT-2 in general works for other people.
But it will never work with MQTT-1 configuration, its different.