Linking through to old release...v1.5?

I’m slightly worried that it’s me, as I’m new to all this but…I was having a shitstorm of a time getting my openHAB2 to work with influxDB & Grafana, so decided to download new image/OS? (see - not even sure what to call it) and go through the installation notes step by step (yeah, I know, should have done this the first time). So, I go to downloads, select RPi, 2.5 stable is default, then a bit further down it shows install openHABian (recommended), and a large link to Github to a v1.5 page. It said this is now RPi4 ready, so I downloaded this. I now realise this really is an old release rather than a newly versioned RPi4 one. What is going on? Is it me? If so, please explain!

I’ve also struggled with, when trying to find out how to do stuff, lots of conflicting blogs, tutorials and documentation. I guess there has been rapid development over the last 2 or 3 years and things have changed a lot, so I’ve taken to checking the dates of community posts, tutorials etc. where possible. I set up an ESP8266 with DS18B20 temp. sensor through mqtt from a standing start, and whilst arduous I did get there, but openHAB2 has been a completely different experience. I’m retired now (yeah, I know - lucky me) so can spend a lot of time on this. Does this go with the territory, or should I take up basket weaving?
Thanks, Totally Confused (aka Nick)

I am not 100% sure what your question ist… but I try it.

openHABian 1.5 is the latest release.
Yes openHAB changed A LOT in the last 2-3 years. Biggest step was from OH 1.X to OH 2.X (in my eyes).

:warning: My experience - My opinion :warning:

I stopped using openHABian, I stopped installing openHAB, Grafana, InfluxDB, node-RED and Mosquitto via apt.

I am running openHAB, InfluxDB, Grafana, node-RED and Mosquitto via Docker.

Don’t start the basket weaving yet, maybe automate it with openHAB :wink:

I also use a lot of ESP8266 (Sonoff mostly) and ESP32 Custom with MQTT.
The MQTT-Binding can be configured completely via PaperUI.

But I am not sure what you are asking for…

If you wanna read about my openHAB Setup, see below :slight_smile:

The v1.5 is for openHABian, a version of raspian which included openHAB and script to install other services.

openHAB itself is now on version 2.5, so openHABian v1.5 contains openHAB 2.5. Does that make sense?

That gets confusing.
openHABian v1.5 is composed of Raspian 10 and openHAB 2.5.
Shouldn’t it have been designated as openHABian v10?


No it is the current version. openHABian and openHAB are independent of each other in terms of versioning, the openHABian version numbers just correlate loosely with openHAB.
Moreover, openHABian will always update itself to be the latest version when you run it.

Or 2.5 ? Or yet something else ?
No. It’s related to too many different systems that all have their release scheme so whichever way you choose it’s always wrong to some people.
So it has its own version numbering.

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Thanks for the replies guys! Sorry it’s been a while but Christmas and visiting got in the way! I don’t yet know how to select excerpts from replies to respond specifically so will leave for another time.

Firstly I didn’t understand the difference between openHAB and openHABian, though I think I do now.

I’ve tried it again and the 1.5 updated to 2.5 automatically. I think previously I may have had an internet connection problem with my Pi (already had the 1.5 image).

Have now got InfluxDB and Grafana working properly, so all good!

It is hell of a lot of fun but it don’t come easy. Perhaps some of my problems relate to not using proprietary devices but using cheap ESP8266s along with mqtt for sensors and turning stuff on and off. I’m starting out by trying to automate my heating system. I can see my temperatures which are now graphed, and can turn an LED on, which can be a heating valve through a relay, so next stop is automating through rules! Phew!!

Will hold off on the basket weaving as I didn’t fancy it anyway.

Thanks to everyone once again…

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