Linux input binding needs to be restarted with bluetooth keyboard waking from sleep

Hi all. When my bluetooth keyboard goes to sleep, or I turn it off and turn it back on the Linux Input binding no longer works. I have to go to Things → Keyboard → Disable then Enable. Once I do that everything works properly again until the next time the keyboard is turned off/on.

I noticed when they keyboard disconnects or reconnects there are events in the sse debug such as:

Is there something I can do to have the binding work after the keyboard disconnects and reconnects? Is there a way to automate the disable and enable of the Keyboard Thing with the sse debug event?

  • in case these events make it to the events.log file or openhab.log file it should be possible to use the log reader binding to trigger an action ( disable / enable thing e.g. via karaf console command or REST API )
  • an other possibility might be to trigger a script calling REST API entries by using a udev rule see e.g. here

thank you!