Liquefied/Natural gas detector

Hi all,
I am looking for natural and liquefied gas detectors(explosive gas detectors?) that can be integrated with openhab.
The only requirement i have is to make it work without internet, i mean, it can be connected directly to openhab without going through external servers. For this reason i ruled out Nest products.

I don’t want to use DIY solutions, since this area is so critical. So, i don’t care to buy some expensive sensors.

My idea is to use them along with z-wave valves that can be closed if an event occurs.

Thanks a lot!

You could get a zwave one I believe

But recently I’ve played with the Xiaomi gateway, and they have a Gas meter. A friend has one running in home assistant, so I’d assume it’s supported on penhab also. Check out the Xiaomi binding page for supported devices.