List Card in OH4

I am totally lost on adding a List Card. I do not see List Card when trying to add to my Overview page. I installed the System Info widget. But it does not display any data. Clicking on it does nothing. I have updated the items as needed. The only thing I come back to is it says it must be in a List Card. I cannot figure out how to add a List Card. Thanks

A link to the system info widget itself would be helpful.

In general List Item widgets (which I presume this is) are intended to be used in the Locations, Equipment, and Properties tabs. You would add this System Info widget as the “default list item widget” to a semantically tagged and on those cards it will use the System Info widget to display that Item.

If you want to create your own widget, you first need to enter edit mode on a layout page and create a space for it on the layout page by creating a row and column where you want it to reside (if one doesn’t already exist). Click the + to add the List Card.

Adding a row

Adding a column to the new row

Add the list card widget

The List Card you just added will have a “+” icon. Click that can you can add the System Info widget from the list.

Once added you’ll have a hamburger icon on the left that when clicked will give you access to the properties for the widget where you can set what ever properties the widget developer defined. I chose a simple humidifier widget I have. You’ll choose the System Info widget you’ve installed.

Your settings will be different of course.

I had not added a column.

Thank you

I got this working.

Thank you for the help.

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