List item widget label length

In portrait mode on a smartphone, the room for the label/title to display is very tight in oh list items in MainUI even if the widget spans the whole width.
Is there a means to get a multi-line display so that longer descriptions become readable in full ?
I have been trying but keep failing to forcefully insert newline characters.
Short of that, is there a trick to scale font or the widget on the right hand side?

I’ve had some luck with scaling the font on some of my widgets. You can add a configure style section under the component and use font-size.

For example, here’s an example for a Label in one of my widgets.

          - component: Label
                color: "=(Number.parseInt(items[props.equ+'_HumidityLevel'].state) > 45) ? 'purple' : (Number.parseInt(items[props.equ+'_HumidityLevel'].state) > 30) ? 'blue' :'orange'"
                font-size: 14px
                font-weight: 700
                margin-top: 0px
              text: "=(items[props.equ+'_SwitchedOn'].state == 'OFF') ? 'Humidifier is off' : 'Humidifier is set to ' + items[props.equ+'_HumiditySetPoint'].state"

For the newline, since this all ends up being HTML eventually anyway, have you tried inserting a </br>? I’ve never tried doing that.

yes, no luck either. It appears literally.