List of all compatible devices?

Is there a repository/wiki of all of the devices that work with openhab?

I haven’t found a compiled list, but I believe this would be an amazing resource. Yes you can search through the forums, github and the web, but it is a very manual process with varying degrees of success. Many DIY/hacker spaces have something similar.

Specifically within the HA world, you can find compiled lists from other HA providers - for example:

My vision is that there’s a list of products, categorized by type, with links to bindings, etc, level of integration (full, partial, limited), etc.

I started a page on the github wiki, in the hopes of getting this party started.

Anyone in?

*I’m new to the forums and can only post 2 links in my post.

Currently, there is the wiki which lists all the bindings, and the binding pages often list what they support, and how to configure them. Because there’s a lot of different bindings it might be difficult to consolidate everything into a single list and keep it all up to date…

For Z-Wave support, you can the supported devices here.

I’m actually thinking of splitting it out into this structure:

Compatible Devices

  • Lighting
  • Thermostats
  • Door locks
  • etc.

With each as an individual page. Additionally, the wiki doesn’t list everything, so a repository of information would be helpful (like the other HA vendor pages).

While I agree it would be nice to have, and I don’t mean to sound negative, I think it might be quite difficult to maintain. The information will end up in multiple places, and keeping it correct in all places will probably be a challenge (or I might be wrong, but having maintained the Z-Wave database for a couple of years, I can guess some pitfalls :wink:).

Out of date information is a killer, so I think this needs some thought to make sure it fits in with the other information/documentation systems. For example, the intention in OH2 is that the documentation, and list of devices/channels, is done within the binding…

The Z-Wave device list is now a using a database to (hopefully) make things easier to update and maintain as there’s already over 300 devices in the Z-Wave bindings alone (as per the link I posted earlier).

Agreed. Maintenance is challenging.

The good news is that I set up the page in the github wiki, which means you only have to maintain a reference to the bindings. Hopefully the community can jump on board.

Hello Jason,

Was wondering if the Nest 2nd or 3rd gen works with the OpenHAB2.1? Any ideas?

Also would you happen to have a definite list of Smart bulbs that work fine without any tweaks and tinkering on the v1.2?

Thanks, any response helps…

No idea. I never pursued further. Sorry.

Is the list now in add-ons link: ?

It is confusing, because when I am searching for TKB for instance, it shows only TZ37,
however when searching for TZ69 (which is what I am looking for), I see it !

Also when I am searching for remotec, it shows nothing,
however when searching for ZXT-120, I see it !

So how can I gurantee for particular device to work with openHAB, and how can searh for list of devices using their brand (not part number) ?

That’s correct! If you’re looking for Z-Wave devices, here’s the list of all supported Z-Wave devices by the Z-Wave binding. If a particular Z-Wave device is missing you can also get it added via the Z-Wave database, see this guide.

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Can I have the link to your Z-Wave dbs? Newbie trying to figure out what’s what.

This is a little bugbear of mine but wouldn’t a structured storage tool be useful for this information - something that allows both human and system (openhab) to query it?

I’m thinking that in relation to things like homebuilder it could eventually be used to do things like

  • Allow users to build up the conceptual model of their HA environment more easily by identifying the devices they have put in place
  • Linking common workflows or configurations to devices, grouping them

What do you define as a “structured storage tool”? I would have thought a database would fall into that definition, but maybe you have something else in mind?

Yes definitely … but then even a JSON file would to. It’s not about the tech and the about the functionality - machine readable that’s important.

I’ve been in the corporate world too long.

Ok, that’s fine. It’s just a bit strange as this is what we have so I’m unsure why you raise this as a “bugbear”. The ZWave database discussed above is backed by a MySQL database which is a single source of truth for ZWave devices. This exports to the OH documentation, and also the binding thing definitions. The user can update the database and the system reads this automatically.

Bad habit of mine to inject sarcasim in comments.

It would be great if we could expand this across the Addons to include Zigbee etc. and then perhaps we could support more automated device detection. I’m interested in how the development of the OH conceptual model could be expanded to enable more intuitive configuration.