List of supported Z-Wave devices?

How do I know for sure if a Z-Wave device (or a firmware version) is supported? For example, I have some problems with Aeotec 6-in-1 sensor and I’d like to know if my current firmware version is actually supported and would upgrading it make things better or worse.

The docs have a link to a list of supported things, but it doesn’t work (404).

Check @chrisdatabase.

Thanks. I wonder if a device is already supported when the listing has a green check mark but the device page says “errors must be removed before the device can be approved”?

Also, is the general idea that any Z-Wave certified product should work but if it’s not already in the database it’s just a matter of adding it in there according to the database guide?

Generally, yes, it’s probably included. I increased the error level recently to try and get people to add missing data so that we improve the overall quality.

Yes - that’s correct.

Great, thanks both of you. I will upgrade the firmware on my ZW100 and see what happens.