Live/Continously Updating dimmer while dragging Slider

I‘m not sure wether this question is a matter of UI, Binding, or general OpenHAB Framework. Sorry, if I placed this posting in a wrong section…

I have some dimmable Hue-compatible Lights installed in my home and connected to OpenHAB via Hue binding.
Controlling the lights (dimmer items via slider UI inputs) works fine with openhab, except for one thing: in my Hue app and iConnectHue app, the lights are updating life while I‘m dragging the slider. In openhab instead, the lights are updated only after I released the slider (in Basic UI as well as in HabPanel).
Is it somehow possible to get the interaction/update working live/continously?

You can try to set the sendFrequency on the Slider element. If that doesn’t work I know of no solution.