Load persistence before rules

I have some internal variables witch are stored to mapdb persistence, if i load then whtout the rule everything works fine, but if i load the rule:

System started
if (SET_WECKER_1_ZeitStunde.state == Uninitialized || SET_WECKER_1_ZeitStunde.state == Undefined) {
postUpdate(SET_WECKER_1_ZeitStunde, 8)
if (SET_WECKER_1_ZeitMinute.state == Uninitialized || SET_WECKER_1_ZeitMinute.state == Undefined) {
postUpdate(SET_WECKER_1_ZeitMinute, 15)

it doesent work, i need to load the persistence before the rule loads.

  1. Are you using restoreOnStartup.

  2. In openhab.cfg make sure that the number for folder:rules is larger than folder:persistence which will make sure persistence gets loaded before rules

  3. What do you mean by “doesn’t work”?

It doesent load the persistence if i put the rule there… if not it the persistence is loaded…
i try whit the folder* settings…