Local Access won't work after myopenHAB installation

Hi i got a problem,
after i Installed ang configuered myopenHAB i can’t access openHAB in the local network. I can only access it with the remote url and this works perfectly fine with updates and everything needed.
But in the local network i always get a pop up that the Username and PW dont match. Same issue is in Habmin.
Any ideas what i did wrong?

Take a look at the section
Adjusting openHAB security settings to work with my.openHAB
in the myopenhab docs.

Adjust your netmask to the proper values, for example if your router is on, your netmask will be

hm ok could be that i configured the wrong netmask…
Thx for the hint, will ckeck that on thursday.

it worked, so thx for this hint :slight_smile: