Local image different URL behavior OH2 OH3

Hello to everybody
I did the “migration” from OpenHAB 2.5.6 to OpenHAB 3.1.0.M4 and after some time everything was fine!

I observe different behavior when I want to display a local image from url:
where is OpenHAB server address
This URL has the same behavior in OH2.5 and OH3.1 → the image is correctly shown tropicale.jpg (with a space in the file name)
This URL is correctly shown in OH2.5 but NOT in OH3.1

If I try via browser: this is the response:

Someone of you have the same behavior?

thanks Valentino

Can confirm this for 3.0.2.
Remove the space from the filename.
I don’t like it if people use spaces in their file names…

I really hope you have resolved this mistery already … anyway your 404 error will be there forever expecially if you write “Tramondo” and not “Tramonto”.

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:sweat_smile: you are right … !!!