Local meet-up in Eindhoven (The Netherlands) (17 may 2017)

I’m organizing a local meet-up in Eindhoven on Wednesday 17 may 2017.
Who wants to join?

Look at openHAB Meetup in Eindhoven 17 may 2017

I hope we meet each other!
Let’s start with exchanging experiences and having a good “openHAB time”.
If successful we can repeat every two months.


Derk van der Wal


Hi Derk, I don’t know how commercial you want this meet-up to be. But since you mention “sell products”, maybe an idea is to contact the people from www.robbshop.nl. They are based in Oss (not that far from Eindhoven), and sell almost everything you need for an OpenHAB installation (raspberry’s, Z-wave sticks, rfxcom, actuators, sensors, echo’s, etc. from a large variety of manufacturers.

I am not associated with them, but ordered several items from them and was always satified. I also asked them a couple of questions via email, and got quick and useful replies.

Hi Peter, Thanks for your reply. I know robbshop. I’ve bought too things from them. The first start must be a combination of experienced users/programmers and some commercial stuff. I think I’m gonna invite them. Just like sossolutions.nl in Eindhoven where I buy my Pi’s. The most difficult part of the organisation is to find people who want to tell or show something interesting about openhab (and maybe domoticz) It would be nice that the day can be a combination of experienced users/ developers and average users who (later on the day) can learn from them. For me openhab v1 was a littlebit tough to install 100 %. Now with openHAB v2 it’s easier to startup. This gave me the spirit to promote openHAB to the non-programmer.

I’ve planned the first meetup on Wednesday 17 may at 19.00. This must be the first meeting with other people who want to help organizing a bigger openHAB meeting on a Saturday in June or September.

Thanks for organizing this @derkvdwal! I also just sent a tweet to make more people aware of it: https://twitter.com/openHAB/status/844999060067016704

Thank you Kai.

I hope many will people will make it to a success.

Hi Jaco,

Thanks, I hope to meet you on 17 may.
You can register on meetup.com.

We found a real nice location.
It’s the “Back Box” from Yksi on the Toren Allee in Strijp S.
Look at MeetUp and register to join.

On wednesday 17 may, in Eindhoven (NL) we had a Meetup with 19 openHAB users.
We were discussing about reliability and professional usage.

As a skilled person it’s easy for us to keep a system up and running. But what can we expect from our co-residents.

  • Your children need to use a warm shower without problems.
  • Your wife needs to open the garage door for sure door when she wants to go to her work.
  • When you come home in the evening the heater must have done it’s work on a freezing day

So what do we need?

  • We discussed about the hardware platform. Raspberry PI, Pine64 or Sinology?
    It seems that memory is an issue.
    And what about automatic updates?

  • We discussed about the electronic architecture. In other words " what happens if a part of the system is not functioning"

  • We also discussed about security.
    Bindings must be developed with an eye on security. Saved passwords must be stored encrypted. And of course it must not be a Trojan Horse. Who takes care for the security of this part of the source code.

  • And what about usability.
    We also realize that WE can read a manual, but when your mother in law is visiting she must be able to turn on the coffee maker. She’s not the one who reads the manual.

  • And last but not least we talked about transferability.
    You automated in an excellent way your house, and now you want to move and sell the house. What does the new user think about the system? Is it transferable? And if, what do you need to do?

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