Local(network) Calendar

acutally I’m using google to schedule events in my smarthome system (heatcontrol, moving blinds…).
Last week I have 3 days trouble with my internet connection :-(.
That shows me that I need a locally running calendar.

I used the icalendar Binding and I’m looking for a local calendar server from that OH can download the ics file.

With the help of this forum I found: it could be working with synology ( I have a Synology nas), or for example with radicale, runnning on a PI.

But for example on the synology I can get the ICS-Download Link ( needs to be entred in OH) to work.
For every hint that I found oh says (the ical binding) that the calendar could not be downloaded.
Can anybody give me some hints?

This is not exactly a locally-hosted calendar, but I had the problem that my calendar-provider does not allow downloading of *.ics files therefore the openhab icalendar integration would not work for me.

I found a little tool that actually downloads the calendar (interval can be set via cron) to the local openhab server (public html folder) so that I can use the icalendar integration.

If my internet would be down openhab can still access the local copy of the claendar - once the internet is back it would sync again.

A few examples how this can be set up:

Advantage: you can continue using your google calendar to setup the events
Disadvantage: another tool running adding a point of failure (but it has been absolutely stable for me since 6 months)

that sounds interesting.
I will try this asap.
Br Thorsten

As I first find out that I have a problem if Internet is not working for me, I found that maybe synology or radicale could be a solution. Both working only in my local network. But both could not present an ical link that can be downloaded to openhab. Or maybe I did not find it :rofl:

@usambara Do you have a hint where to find the ics-URL in DSM?

You’ll find it in the calendar app.
There you have the properties of the calendar (synology calendar app 2.4.1).
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Yes I also tried this link, but openhab gives me an error in the log, calendar download fails. Actually I m not at home… I will post it later

If I use this link in a browser tab, I see the synlogy cal app. But if I understood it correct, the brwoser should download an ical file, same as openhab will do this.
This will also happens if I use the google link adr.