Location card showing temperature although no property set


I currently try to make the overview page as simple/flat as possible. Therefore, I actually do not like the differentiation in the UI between “Equipment” and “Property” inside the location cards.
Once I open a card I want to see everything which can be read or controlled.

As an example I have to set the property “Temperature” in order to get the temperature written on a card. It works nicely but I do not want to see the two tabs “Equipment” and “Property”.

How can this be achieved? Once I remove the property “Temperature” from a temperature reading item the tabs disappear and I see everything inside the card directly but the temperature visualization on the card itself disappears. :-/



Any ideas?


You need to add that temperature Item to an Equipment and put only Equipment into the Location. Never have a Point/Property Item directly a member of a Location Group. The two tabs only appear when you have a mix of Equipment and Point/Property Items that are direct members of a Location.

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Brilliant! I will adjust my semantic model accordingly.

This was the key sentence to set it up correctly. :slight_smile: