Location Cards, Glance, and Z-Index

Using the Glance component on the Location cards has some weirdness with the Z-Index on small widths.

By default, the Glance component is rendered above the text items and icons.


Setting a Z-Index of 0 on the Glance item produces this odd result:


The Glance component is under the icons, and the setpoint, but over the title, sub-title, and values.

Would it make sense to set values for the Z-Index on those items in /components/cards/model-card.vue?

Something like:

Background (color): Already set at -1
Title, Sub-Title: Z-Index: 1
Icons, Values: Z-Index: 3

Then, on the user side you could specify a Z-Index of 0 for the component to be behind them all. 2, to set the over the title, but under the values and icons. And 4+ to be over everything.