Location display issue

Recently I started building a semantic model and hooking variables to it,
Unfortunately I made a mistake and assigned the same names to the item and the model. Since then I have no preview on the home screen of location and other data,
Of course, I changed the names of things and the model, I even completely destroyed the model, but I still have the same message
I don’t know how to make it disappear


A a loop has been detected in the semantic model: Taras is both descendant and parent of Taras. Please correct and refresh.

The problem Items should appear under Settings → Items. You can edit their values and Group memberships there. If not, use Developer Tools → API Explorer to query for and delete/modify the troublesome Item.

Just in case there is some confusion here I want to make it clear that the model is Items. It’s all Items. A Location is just a regular old Group Item with a special tag. Equipment is just a regular old Group Item with a special tag. So even if the semantic model is broken, you can get to everything under Items because they are all Items.

Thank you very much for your help, The problem has been solved

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